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Pigeon Trapping

Simple and Effective Commercial Pigeon Trapping Our levels of service make us the ideal solution for reliable pigeon trapping in commercial spaces or large homes, with up to 70% of the pigeon population removed after our trapping is complete. We know how to trap a pigeon and reliably install the most effective cage traps in …

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Pigeon Netting

Heavy-Duty Pigeon Netting Installations for Bird Control Using pigeon netting is an effective way of controlling pigeons quickly and in a long-lasting way. Netting is useful on balconies and other outdoor spaces as a heavy-duty pigeon control option, and we can install anti-pigeon nets across a large range of urban and suburban buildings. We are …

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How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Rooftops: The 6 Best Methods and Home Remedies

Pigeon poop and noise will cause a lot of issues – notably disturbances to residents from their frequent calls and health concerns from their droppings. As a result, removing pigeons from a roof or other space is not just desirable but essential. However, some methods of handling pigeons are more effective in some spaces than …

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Pigeon Repellent

The Best Pigeon Repellent Solutions In The UK Pigeons and other nesting birds can cause extensive damage and noise problems in many roof and balcony spaces. Preventive measures, such as pigeon repellents, will help stop the problems from occurring in the first place. Prevention is better than a cure, and we are the best option …

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Anti Bird Spikes

Pigeon Scarer

Pigeon Scarer Solutions With Long-Lasting Results Pigeons are determined and will seek out every opportunity to nest and perch comfortably. As a result, they congregate in roof spaces, on balcony areas and around peoples gardens. The noise from pigeons can be bothersome and the health dangers from pigeon droppings can cause serious harm to people, …

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