Bird Control

Effective UK Wide Bird Control Solutions:

  • Cheap and Effective:
  • Bird Deterrents
  • Alternative Bird Control
  • Bird Cleaning
  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes

Why is Bird Control Important?

Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly; their acid content can eat into soft stone and cause long term damage to buildings. Their droppings and feathers also block gutters and rainwater pipes causing damage. Bird droppings can lead to severe hazards on pavements and floors, especially for the elderly and can carry pathogenic organisms.

Pigeons are also a source of allergens, which can cause respiratory ailments like pigeon fancier’s lung and allergic skin reactions. There is potential for illnesses to spread to humans through contact with pigeon droppings, parasites or feathers.

Dead infected pigeons can also affect food or water sources. Sea Gull Control Sea gulls are now prevalent in residential and commercial areas throughout the UK including inland regions. Recent research and media reports have even suggested their numbers inland may be partly due to them mistaking motorway and road networks for rivers.

They can be destructive and disruptive to businesses, creating a mess and damage in public areas, to street furniture, roofing, and building structures. Their presence can be a nuisance to customers and residents. Safeguard are able to offer effective, guaranteed solutions to help protect your building.

Bird Problem Solutions:

Safeguard is experienced in carrying out work to overcome bird and pigeon problems within many cities and town centres across the UK. Our successful bird deterrent methods can benefit businesses, schools, hospitals, property management companies, commercial letting agents and councils. Pigeons carry a number of potentially infectious diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis and ornithosis (a mild form of psittacosis with pneumonia like symptoms). Therefore they can represent genuine health risks. Their droppings can often create a mess in areas you may not be aware of including stairwells and rear of premises. These can create health and safety problems and can compromise businesses during health inspections.


Food preparation businesses need to be particularly mindful of the problems birds can create. However all types of businesses can benefit from our preventative measures. Having large numbers of birds surrounding your business can lead to loss of repeat business where clients vehicles may be affected by droppings. Excessive numbers of pigeons or seagulls can distress customers and employees with bird phobia and droppings can generally create an untidy and unprofessional image.

Bird Control

Our bird control team offer the highest standards of advice and installation work to deter seagulls, pigeons and a range of other birds which pose to buildings, their employees and visitors.  Our services are offered across the UK and Europe.

Services offered:

  • Bird Netting Installation
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Alternative Measures
  • Getting the right application

Safeguard has a specialist bird control team and, this, coupled with well over a decades experience in pest control enables us to advise precisely on the right type of netting, bird spikes, shock deterrent or other methods of deterring nuisance birds.  Even within each ‘bird control discipline’ (installation of netting, bird wire, scarers hawking, spikes etc.) there is a wide range of options open and we will be pleased to recommend the precise method which will work best for your particular circumstances and building architecture.

Who we work for:

We work for blue-chip companies, SMEs commercial property managers, facilities management companies and outsourced service providers, commercial landlords and letting agents, architects, construction companies, places of worship and all public-sector authorities including council departments, NHS, schools, colleges and universities.

Our experienced team can also carefully protect listed buildings, monuments and places of historical interest.

Locations Covered by Safeguard

We cover the whole of the UK and have specific pages dedicated to the following locations:

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