Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Actually Work?

Ultrasonic sound is anything above the frequency of audible sound – anything over 20,000 hertz is considered ultrasonic – and it is used in a wide range of fields, from medicine, to the military. Such is the widespread use of ultrasonic sound that many manufacturers now use this in pest control devices and they are known as ultrasonic pest repellents. …

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Pest Control Within Social Housing

Maintaining a pest-free environment within a social housing development can often be an item of dispute. The responsibility is often divided between the landlord, housing association, and tenant. The first step towards determining the roles and responsibilities of each party with regards to pest control, is reading the terms and conditions of the tenancy contract. Keep in mind that the …

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Merger Safeguards Jobs

A merger of two of the UK’s longest established pest control companies has created new job role opportunities for their staff. Arrowguard and Safeguard Pest Control, based in the South East, have brought together their sales and service teams to work within domestic and commercial markets. One of the aims of the merger was to widen the choice …

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Ants – Household Pests Infographic

Safeguard Pest Control presents an infographic on household pests, this week focusing on ants. Although Garden ants are not associated with the spread of disease, tropical species such as the Pharaoh’s ant can carry disease organisms and will contaminate sterile materials. In late summer winged sexually mature males and females will ‘swarm’ in large numbers to …

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Pest Control Merger Creates One of the Largest Independent UK Firms

A new merger between two established companies has created one of the largest independent firms in the UK to tackle all aspects of pest control. This specialist market provides essential protection services for offices, schools, hospitals, housing, commercial estates and the construction industry. Tim Sheehan and Paul Butterick, Directors of Safeguard Pest Control and Ken …

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