Cleaning up after pest birds

Bird droppings, feathers and other debris left behind after you’ve had pest birds invading your property, outdoor spaces or premises can be inconvenient, unsightly and damaging.

Faeces from birds such as gulls and pigeons can contain high levels of uric acid. This erodes tiles, pipes and gutters and is estimated to equate to millions of pounds in damage to property every year. Twigs and other materials used for nesting also get caught in gutters and drains, which can cause water blockages as well as costly repairs.

Many commercial buildings are equipped with large external vents or air conditioning units. These often provide a flat, safe place for birds to perch and nest, which means they also get damaged by droppings. If these are left unattended for long periods and not properly cleaned, the damage can be expensive to repair.

It’s not only your premises that can be damaged by birds, however. The pests can introduce parasites, fleas, ticks and bacteria into the surrounding environment, which are harmful to people, especially if they are distributed through air conditioning systems. So if you operate, own or manage commercial premises where customers, employees or guests visit frequently, cleaning up after pest birds is vital for your business and reputation.

Fortunately, whenever there are droppings and nesting materials left behind by pest birds, the problem can be easily removed or rectified, but we do recommend that you use a professional company like Safeguard.

Bird faeces and waste is likely to be unsanitary and require the correct treatment, tools and clothing in order to remove it safely and completely. At Safeguard, our Specialist Cleaning team are trained and certified to the highest levels.

Following the proper removal of waste or bird droppings, we can also advise you on the preventative methods you can take to ensure birds are deterred from nesting in and around your building. Proofing methods such as installing spring wire, spikes or nets have all proven very effective.

The work we do when cleaning up after pest birds is also very thorough. We use effective chemicals and equipment which ensures any harmful or corrosive residue is completely removed, so you won’t have any issues with rotting or erosion further down the line.

With over 60 transmissible diseases thought to be carried in bird droppings, it’s essential that you protect your visitors, employees and customers by recruiting a professional pest control company for an effective and long lasting clean-up.

Have you recently suffered from a bird pest contamination? Contact Safeguard today or call 0800 328 4931.

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