Pigeon Netting

If you own or manage commercial premises, bird control is an important part of making sure your building, staff members and visitors are safe.

Although you might think pigeons and other pest birds are more at home in rural areas, they are increasingly found inhabiting urban spaces and cities, which can be hazardous for businesses. Their nests can block drains, pipes or gutters, which can then cause flooding. Similarly, if they block chimneys or flues it can cause a build-up of dangerous fumes. In addition, nesting gulls may become aggressive towards people, particularly if they have hatched offspring.

Pigeons have become dependent on food and waste discarded by people, which means business premises are very popular places for them to roost. While they will often nest on rooftops, they can also find their way into small holes, roof voids and onto ledges beside windows.

Installing pigeon netting made from polyethylene is one of the ways we can help you deter pests from causing problems in or around your property. This provides a versatile way of preventing the birds from landing and entering, perching, breeding or nesting on your commercial premises.  It is also humane solution for that does not cause harm to pigeons and other pest bird species.

Netting is used extensively all over the world as a bird control device to protect both buildings in towns and cities, as well as to protect agricultural crops by farmers. At Safeguard, we are experts in bird proofing with experience working at sites such as St. Pancras International and Westfield Shopping Centre.

The netting comes in a range of different mesh sizes depending on the pest bird species, starting from around 19mm squares for smaller birds and increasing to 100mm. 50mm is considered the ideal size for pigeon control.

The netting can be used to exclude a considerable number of birds, including species such as gulls, sparrows and starlings.

There are also a number of options when it comes to the fixings used for netting. We can secure the nets to many different types of buildings or surfaces, including masonry, structural steel, roof cladding or wooden beams and timber. We are members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) so you can be sure we are bird control specialists; that’s part of the Safeguard Difference.

If discretion is a concern for you and your business, pigeon nets are often the most suitable method of bird control. You can choose from colours such as green, black, grey or transparent, meaning that the netting will often blend in with the rest of your building while still being effective at bird control. In addition, if fire safety is a concern, we can also fit flame retardant nets.

Whether it’s through using pigeon nets or another method of bird control, it’s always important that the issue is dealt with quickly.

As soon as you notice a problem with pests such as gulls, pigeons or crows, for example, we recommend recruiting the services of a professional bird control company such as Safeguard. We have many years of experience in the removal of birds and the installation of netting and we know how important it is to ensure your business premises remain pest free.


If you have a problem with bird control, do not hesitate to get in touch with Safeguard here or telephone 0800 328 4931 and we can provide a free initial site survey.

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