Safeguard’s Covid-19 Vital Disinfection Service



Safeguard Pest Control and Environmental Services Ltd have developed a COVID-19 Vital Disinfection Service for Workplaces across London, the South East and the South West.

Utilising advice from Public Health England we are proud to offer a specialist COVID-19 Vital Disinfection Service for any premises that has been affected by a confirmed case of coronavirus or a premises that wishes to take precautionary measures.

No matter what your business Safeguard are here to help.



At Safeguard Pest Control we deal with contamination on a daily basis. From pigeon fouling to rodent droppings; our staff are trained to clean to exacting levels before, during and after infestations.

Public health pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches and feral pigeons all carry diseases and viruses which can be passed to humans; having an impact on people and businesses.; and this is where Safeguard have offered support across all industries for over 30 years.

COVID-19 is yet another example of a virus transmitted from animal to human with devastating effects globally and on an unprecedented scale.

Nevertheless, you can rest assure that Safeguard can support our clients during the ongoing pandemic.

What our clients say

Contact details

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The scientific elite are all working to find a vaccine or cure for coronavirus, and the UK and world are hoping for this as soon as possible. This however will take time and every precaution needs to be taken to slow down the rates of infection and help manage the flow of people needing medical attention, in order for our health care systems to manage this pandemic.

Workplace sanitisation

Surfaces contaminated with COVID-19 present a high risk of infection and pose a significant risk to health.

Thorough cleaning with viricidal products compliant to EN 14476 will significantly reduce this risk, providing returning employees and the public with PEACE of MIND that action has been taken to protect them against infection.

Viricidal cleaning by our highly trained operatives will deliver this PEACE of MIND and enable staff and clients to feel secure that everything has been done to try and ensure a reduced risk of infection, and support your business moving towards normal trading conditions once again.

Safety first

The safety of our employees and customers comes first and foremost; and during our COVID-19 Vital Disinfection Service this is no different. Each of our operatives receive a dedicated virtual toolbox talk on the necessary precautions to be taken, along with all operatives being provided with recommended appropriate PPE for the type of works.

The process

We utilise ULV (ultra-low volume) misting machines to deliver a virucide to locations which require decontamination.

The mist delivered virucide will leave a residual coating on all surfaces that it comes in to contact with, killing viruses and bacteria including COVID-19. Large areas can be treated in a relatively short time period making this very effective and efficient treatment method.

In addition, our trained operatives will manually wipe down, the below areas; ensuring effective eradication:

  • All high traffic surfaces such as;
    • Light switches
    • Door handles
    • Keyboards
    • Desk surfaces
    • Counters
    • Toilets and bathroom furniture
    • Vending areas
    • Kitchens and office kitchenettes
    • All high footfall walkways
    • Any surfaces which are clearly contaminated with bodily fluids


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