Affinity Sutton

Affinity Sutton is one of the largest housing associations in England with a strong history that dates back over 100 years. Today they have over 57,000 properties up and down the country from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East to Kent in the South East.


Safeguard have been providing Affinity Sutton with a rapid response service for their properties situated in the South East for over a year now. We work with the tenants and also the Housing Officers to make sure that our works are carried out smoothly and efficiently – this also helps us to build strong relationships with both parties.

A call came into our office explaining that the tenants on the top floor of an Affinity Sutton building were hearing noises above their heads in the ceiling. They had also complained that unusually large numbers of flies were appearing in their flats, which was very distressing. Safeguard immediately instructed our Senior Surveyor Tim Sheehan, along with our trusted Technician Jason Wickens to attend site and investigate the situation. The large loft was divided in two, separated by a tank room that could only be reached by ladder from the narrow hallway.

The Solution


Once they had lifted the hatch, Tim was greeted by over a 100 feral pigeons (Columba Livia) looking back at him. They had entered through a small hole in the roof where a tile had slipped and was being used like a tunnel during the rush hour.

The contamination was incredible, as the photographs show and something had to be done quickly. A report was sent to Affinity, who immediately authorised the clearance of all the contamination, including the insulation.


As a company, communication is vital to our clients, so a letter to all the tenants was hand delivered explaining the entire process that we were going to carry out and when it was due to happen. The tenants of were both courteous, helpful and gave our technicians plenty of tea! Our team of trained staff worked tirelessly for over a week, bagging and removing the pigeon fouling.

The roof was vacuumed and a broad-spectrum disinfectant applied, followed by insecticidal spray to help ‘kill off’ any secondary pests associated with these pest birds’.

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