Nature controlling nature

With over 30 years pest control experience; our Hawking service is just another part of the Safeguard Difference.

This method of utilising trained birds of prey is both environmentally friendly and appropriate for a wide range of agricultural, urban, elevated and commercial situations.


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We Work With:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Vineyards
  • Fruit Growers
  • Agricultural Operators
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools

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We specialise in using birds of prey to deter roosting, nesting, feeding or colonisation of pigeons, ring-necked parakeets, starlings, seagulls and other pest birds, where traditional bird control measures may be too expensive or ineffective due to the environmental limitations. We operate across all commercial units including:

  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities
  • Open parks and land
  • Heritage sites


Pest birds can clear whole fields of fruit in just a few days, causing significant loss. It is vital for vineyard owners and operators to minimise the risk of losses that can be caused by foraging flocks of pest birds such as starlings, feral pigeons and wood pigeons.

Safeguard offers a unique hawking service, tailored to vineyards and fruit growers across the UK which allows operators to:

  • Protect their product
  • Increase product yield
  • Maximise the financial return on their crop

Our Experience

Our techniques have been developed by Safeguard handlers and have been uniquely acquired through many years of experience. We work with vineyards, fruit owners and operators to develop a strong understanding of individual needs.

Safeguard provide ongoing training, investment and support for our handlers to ensure we retain the very best people and build client relationships that last for years.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Using nature to control nature is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach and avoids the often restrictive approach of fruit netting, bangers, nets, spikes or cages. No chemicals are used and there is no noise or disturbance. Instead our handlers use the presence of our birds of prey and our techniques to drive the pests away.

The Safeguard Difference

You are our priority. That is why we have such strong customer relationships, built over many years.

We provide:

  • Hawking services
  • A safe working environment
  • Free site surveys
  • Advice on bird control legislation
  • Bespoke, practical and cost-effective solutions, tailored to your needs

All our work is guaranteed and as members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association), by using Safeguard you have complete peace of mind that you are dealing with one of the most experienced pest control companies in the UK.


Call us now on 0800 328 4931 to speak with one of our bird control experts.


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