Pest Control in Hospitality

Any venues where food and drink are prepared, stored or served can be attractive for pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, flies and cockroaches. Not only do they pose a threat to your stock by eating their way through bags and containers, they can also be crippling for your reputation and business in general.

With strict health and safety standards in the UK, just the sight of a rodent or pest, no matter how small, can lead to the closure of your restaurant, bar or pub. Once they have made their way onto your premises, contamination of any produce you’ve bought can cost you thousands of pounds in damaged goods.

As well as the risk posed to your reputation, more important is the risk to the health of your patrons should an infestation affect the food and drink they consume. If this happens you can be subject to expensive legal action as well as investigations by your local Environmental Health department.

In restaurants, pubs and bars, it’s especially important to not only treat problems quickly when they arise, but also to prevent infestations of pests before they happen. With over 30 years’ of experience in pest control, Safeguard can help you remove unwanted visitors from your premises whilst also providing expert advice on how you can deter them from coming back.

We operate on a contract basis for many of our clients in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industries. This means you can call on us at any time to act fast and resolve issues before they become damaging. It’s also common for us to work for one site or multiple venues in different areas. As with many pest problems, the earlier they are dealt with the easier they are to manage or resolve.

Vermin, like rats and mice, can easily find their way into your kitchen, bathrooms and public areas if you fail to take the correct precautions. But they can also cause problems for you outside, near your refuse areas. Keeping rubbish and food contained and managing other waste sensibly, can reduce the problem. We can provide routine checks to monitor your external areas to ensure your waste management is not attracting pests.

If you do discover you have unwanted guests in the form of rats, mice or any other pests, Safeguard can ensure the matter is dealt with quickly. We understand how important it can be to your brand and livelihood to deal with rodents as soon as you spot a problem, so we make a promise to provide a rapid response to all requests. As a business that serves a variety of customers, you will also be pleased to hear we can tackle the problem discretely and safely, avoiding any harsh chemicals and reducing the cause for panic.


Our hospitality service includes:


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