Certified Pest Control for Mice Problems in London

Safeguard Pest Control has over 35 years of experience helping London businesses get mice under control through rigorous inspection, targeted trapping and baiting, and long-term prevention. Our team of highly trained technicians are experts in the mice issues facing London and can customise a humane control program tailored to your specific business.

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The Mice Problem in London: Why You Need to Take Action

London has an extensive mice population, with thousands of businesses and institutions struggling with infestations every year. The city provides ideal conditions for mice populations to thrive, including ample food sources and shelter.

Restaurants, hotels, warehouses, construction sites, and offices frequently deal with mice infestations due to the nature of their operations and environments. Mice spread diseases through contaminated urine and droppings and can transmit harmful bacteria like salmonella when around food preparation and storage areas.

They gnaw on critical electrical wires, insulation, and structural beams, slowly causing costly damage over time. Mice droppings and nesting materials also introduce allergens that can trigger asthma symptoms in employees and guests. Left uncontrolled, mice reproduce rapidly, and small populations can quickly spiral into hazardous infestations.

Telltale Signs of a Mice Infestation

How can you tell if your London location has a mice problem? Look for these common signs:

Sightings of live mice

Seeing mice scurrying around your facility is the clearest indicator. They are most active at night.


Mouse droppings are small, black, and pill-shaped. Look along baseboards, in cupboards, and near food storage areas.

Chew marks

Mice gnaw constantly to wear down their teeth. Look for chew marks on walls, doors, plastic, wires, and boxes.

Nesting Materials

Tufts of cotton, shredded paper, and other fibrous nesting items. Mice build nests in secluded areas.

Strange Odours

The scent of urine and musky odours from mice and their nests.


Scratching, scurrying, and squeaking sounds coming from walls and ceilings. Most noticeable at night when mice are active.

Safeguard's Proven Mice Control Process

Safeguard Pest Control follows a rigorous process to get rid of your mice infestation and implement preventative measures. We make it as hassle-free as possible:

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Our Analysis

Our technicians conduct a thorough analysis of your site and provide a transparent quote for a solution.



Once contracted, your technician implements your tailored mice removal solution and conduct follow-ups to ensure it’s working.

Thorough Site Inspection and Analysis

First, our trained technicians will conduct an extensive site inspection and analysis. They will methodically inspect all interior and exterior areas for any signs of mice activity. Advanced tools like thermal imaging will be used to identify mice in walls and hard-to-reach spots.

Our technicians will locate all entry points, nesting areas, and food/water sources being utilised by mice on the premises. They will also assess how conducive your business environment is to supporting a mice population. This careful inspection determines the full scope of the infestation so we can customise the right treatment plan.

Precision Trapping and Targeted Baiting

Next, precision trapping and targeted baiting will be used. Safeguard strategically places tamper-resistant, humane traps along known mice runways and nesting areas. We also apply tamper-resistant bait stations in affected areas to entice mice.

Our trapping and baiting focus on locations where mice activity has been identified during inspection. All regulations for commercial pest control are strictly followed.

Hygienic Cleaning and Proofing

Our process also includes hygienic cleaning and proofing. We sanitise affected areas using commercial-grade disinfectants and deodorisers. Any entry points or gaps identified during the inspection are sealed up with materials like weather strips, copper mesh, caulk and more to prevent mice from entering your building.

We will also have your facility tidy up clutter and food debris to make the environment less conducive to nesting.

Follow-Up Visits and Ongoing Monitoring

Finally, Safeguard provides follow-up visits and ongoing monitoring. We schedule follow-up appointments at regular intervals to check for new signs of mice. If mice do return, we modify the treatment plan using alternative methods.

You receive a customised prevention plan to implement proactive deterrents. With this extensive process and professional techniques, Safeguard provides a complete mice control solution.

Why Choose Us to Handle Your Mice Problem?

Safeguard has a large team of technicians who are actually based in London. With abundant staff living and working in the city itself, we can respond quickly whenever an emergency mice issue arises. You don’t have to wait around for technicians to drive in from the suburbs or other towns. Our London-based team means rapid response times.

In fact, Safeguard is available 24/7 to respond to sudden mice infestations and sightings before the issues have time to escalate even further. We know catching mice early is key to faster elimination. Our round-the-clock availability is what sets us apart.

All of our technicians are fully licensed and certified for commercial pest control specifically. This provides peace of mind that the team working in your business is qualified and authorised.

The Consequences of Ignoring a Mice Problem

It’s crucial not to ignore the signs of mice in your London business. Mice reproduce rapidly, having litters of 5-10 offspring every 20 days. A small infestation can quickly spiral into a large one once a mating pair moves in. These large populations cause even more extensive contamination and damage.

Mice urine and droppings spread dangerous diseases like Hantavirus, salmonella, and E. coli. As they gnaw persistently, the structural damage mice cause intensifies over time, compromising walls, floors, and critical infrastructure like electrical systems. Mice also spoil and contaminate food products, posing health code violations and inventory losses.

Allowing mice infestations to grow looks extremely unprofessional to employees and customers, creating social media backlash and reputation damage if evidence like droppings or sightings is made public.

Get Rapid Response Mice Control Today

Don’t wait until you have a full-blown mice emergency – be proactive. With over 35 years of experience handling London’s mice problems, Safeguard Pest Control has the proven expertise to inspect your premises, identify issues, and implement an effective mice control program tailored to your business.

We focus on long-term prevention and humane, discreet solutions. Call us today on 0800 328 4931 to schedule a thorough inspection and free quote. Our London-based technicians are ready to help protect your reputation, assets, and health from the threats mice pose.