Cost-Effective Pest Control Partnerships for London Cleaners

Safeguard Pest Control provides customisable pest control contracts to cleaning and facility service providers in London, offering expert in-house services, quick response times and budget-friendly rates to meet your specific needs. With Safeguard as your pest control partner, you never again have to deal with unpredictable emergency extermination costs or disruption caused by sudden infestations.

As an established pest control leader for over 30 years, Safeguard brings comprehensive expertise and excellent service quality, with commitments to ethical and structured treatments. Call us today for a free consultation and proposal outlining a tailored pest control program that enhances the safety, compliance and reliable budgeting of the facilities you manage.

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Expanding Your Services Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Pest issues can sabotage cleaning budgets with huge extermination expenses and business disruptions. For those working on cleaning contracts across London, comprehensive protection against pests aligns seamlessly with your existing offerings while allowing clients to consolidate vendors.

When offering pest control to your clients it’s crucial to provide the services they need for a predictable cost. Emergency callouts and varying on-demand solutions can strain financial planning and accountability. In partnering with Safeguard, you’ll get a clear upfront contract for the services you need, with everything performed by our professional team.

Control Costs Through Contracted Pest Services


Unpredictable pest control expenditures can seriously impact budgets, with emergency extermination and large infestations straining margins. Safeguard offers a way to meet raised client expectations while controlling costs. By establishing structured contracts aligned to your service needs, pest control work becomes a reliable line item rather than a surprise expense.

Whether subcontracting Safeguard’s technicians or referring accounts directly, our accreditation-backed expertise and transparent pricing prevent pest issues from undermining financial planning. With established rates for comprehensive coverage, you gain the ability to cross-sell fantastic pest control.

Through custom-tailored recurring partnerships, Safeguard’s pest control contracts allow commercial cleaning leaders to deliver new high-demand offerings while keeping a tight rein over the bottom line.

Expanded Offerings and Reach.


Bringing Safeguard Pest Control on board as your pest control partner allows you to deliver more comprehensive and reputable offerings to your clients.

Complementary Services Benefit Your Clients


By combining Safeguard’s speciality expertise in customised pest control solutions with your own existing facility maintenance packages, you present customers with an appealing one-stop-shop option. This allows you to expand possibilities for account retention and growth through cross-selling bundled facility services spanning cleaning, landscaping, sanitation, and pest remediation.

Promote Your Reputation


With over 30 years as a pest control leader in the South East upholding rigorous certification standards, aligned offerings through Safeguard add credibility to cleaning companies. By integrating our consistent, quality-assured services into existing contracts, you stand to elevate their brand reputations.

We are a market leader, with a fleet of technicians operating across the greater London area. This assures your customers can trust in our professionalism, with our team able to work across complex multi-building projects.

Shared Recurring Revenue Model


Safeguard offers your company recurring pest control agreements with defined pricing, allowing you to embed our services within existing facility contracts, providing your customers with the services they need to keep their facilities pest-free for a recurring regular fee.

Enhanced Credibility and Compliance


With rigorous industry credentials including CHAS, Alcumus and Constructionline compliance, Safeguard brings enterprise-grade quality assurance to back your operations. We make it simple for you to deliver the gold-standard pest protection your customers want.

Our Comprehensive Pest Protection

Our technicians tackle the full spectrum of pest issues threatening London businesses. With rigorous inspection, identification, and elimination protocols backed by industry-leading expertise, we eradicate infestations through precision treatments tailored to your sites.

  • Mice & Rats – These rodents pose multifaceted risks, transmitting dangerous bacteria while causing structural damage. We determine entry points and nesting locations for thorough humane removal.
  • Cockroaches – Problematic in kitchens and waste storage, roaches breed aggressively if not contained. Using gel baits and contact sprays, we break reproductive cycles.
  • Ants – Drawn by food remnants in retail/dining establishments, ants contaminate goods. By tracing pheromone trails back to queens, colonies are fully eliminated.
  • Wasps – Aggressive behaviour, noise and stings deter outdoor patronage and employee productivity. Safeguard locates hard-to-reach nesting sites for extraction treatments preventing re-infestation.
  • Pigeons – Droppings corrode infrastructure and deface storefronts/signage. Through humane birder wires, spikes and netting, we humanely drive away problematic flocks.
  • Flies – Health hazard for food-based businesses, flies require an immediate response. We identify breeding sites for larvicide applications and adhesive traps.


With environmental stewardship influencing policies, Safeguard utilises humane, nontoxic elimination methods vetted through accreditation bodies whenever possible to curb pest issues. This ethical approach aligns suitably with commercial cleaning partners prioritising Green Clean Certified products and sustainability.

By working together, integrated pest prevention and facility hygiene reinforce shared reduced environmental impact goals to satisfy conscientious clientele and sentiments of the communities we all serve.


Safeguard makes partnering simple through transparent communication and easy work order integration. Our pest specialists seamlessly coordinate with in-house teams to schedule preventative inspections and rapid response callouts within existing site visit cycles.

With automated notifications and status updates to aligned representatives, we enable hassle-free collaboration. By working in tandem, Safeguard and cleaning personnel provide all-encompassing hygiene and contamination protection.


Safeguard maintains an expert in-house team, never utilising third-party subcontractors for core pest control activities. For commercial partners, this ensures friendly experts dedicated specifically to your accounts will handle on-site needs.

With long-term service agreements, site consistency provides advantages as well – the same knowledgeable technician will service locations routinely whenever possible, learning layouts, and previous issues and building rapport along the way to facilitate superior tailored solutions. Even by phone, our 24/7 assistance is never outsourced – real skilled professionals handle your calls and priorities directly every time.

Expand Your Services Cost-Effectively

Don’t leave facility protection incomplete – partner with the pest control experts at Safeguard Pest Control today. Our decades of experience, rigorous standards, and tailored services make us the ideal partner for comprehensive facility management. We’re committed to transparent coordination and representing your brand with excellence.

Contact us now to explore how we can collaborate. Let’s work together to show London clients what truly integrated, 5-star facility services look like. Call 0800 328 4931 or through the form below to connect with our team. We look forward to tailoring the perfect pest control solution for your business needs.