Professional Pest Control for Your Properties

Pest problems can lead to terrible consequences for you and your tenants, posing significant health risks and blows to your reputation.

Safeguard Pest Control offers discreet, tailored services to satisfy all parties. With over 30 years of experience, our experts effectively and discreetly identify risks, create customised plans, and coordinate unobtrusive treatments to resolve issues and prevent future ones. With emergency 24/7 service, we’ll keep our properties pest-free and rentable.

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Expert Pest Control in London

As a major metropolitan hub, London faces immense pest control challenges. The city’s vast infrastructure, old buildings, and dense population provide ideal conditions for pests to thrive. Rodents spread rapidly through sewers and the Underground. Birds flock to monument facades and corporate high-rises. Insects infest crowded flats and restaurants.

London’s varied climate allows pests to remain active year-round. Local regulations and restrictions also complicate treatments. Navigating pest control in London requires extensive experience. Safeguard Pest Control has spent over 30 years perfecting eco-friendly, effective pest management across the capital. Our BPCA-certified experts understand the local pest species, laws, buildings, and communities.

No matter your London location or pest issue, Safeguard has the knowledge and capabilities to solve it discreetly and efficiently.

The High Costs of Ineffective Pest Control

Trying to handle pest control in-house or with unqualified companies often backfires terribly. Without an expert provider on your team, you risk angry tenants breaking leases early due to unlivable pest conditions. Owners will hold you responsible as pests diminish profits and property values, straining these important relationships. Both tenants and owners will spread negative word about pest issues, tarnishing your reputation so they think twice before renting from or hiring you again.

Letting infestations escalate leads to extensive structural damage from pests gnawing away at insulation, wires, and foundations. Repairing this destruction is extremely costly. You also face substantial fines, revoked licences, litigation, and even closure when properties inevitably fail mandated pest inspections. Pests also endanger human health by spreading dangerous diseases like salmonella, hantavirus, and the plague. Frequent pest problems may be considered high-risk by insurers, prompting them to raise your premiums across the board.

Effective Solutions That Protect Your Property

Our comprehensive pest control services are here for you every step of the way. You can rely on us to:

Maintain professional environments

Pest issues can disrupt operations, upset customers, and hurt reputations. Safeguard’s comprehensive pest management keeps properties pristine.

Prioritise health and safety

Pests spread disease and trigger allergic reactions. Safeguard eliminates these risks through effective pest control.

Stay compliant

Failing inspections due to pests leads to fines or closure. Our accredited services ensure you meet regulations.

Prevent property damage

Rodents gnaw wires, insulation, and structures, requiring expensive repairs. Safeguard’s preventative measures stop this damage before it starts.

Optimise resources

Stretched property managers lack time and expertise for pest control. Our professionals do it for you.

Control costs

Pest issues lead to unpredictable costs. Our tailored contracts let you budget effectively.

Solve Your Pest Problem With Our Simple 3-Step Process

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Contact Us for a Consultation

Get started by contacting our friendly team. We serve all of England, Scotland, and Wales with BPCA-certified local experts ready to help. We’ll discuss your pest issues and schedule a convenient time to survey your properties.


Comprehensive Assessment

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your properties, identify any pest risks or problems, and analyse your business needs. We’ll provide a tailored quote outlining solutions for effective treatment. Our certified knowledge ensures we create a plan specific to the pests and properties involved.


Customised Pest Treatment

Once we’ve designed your pest control program, our BPCA-accredited technicians will implement treatment using innovative, effective methods tailored to your industry and following all regulations. We’ll schedule appointments at your convenience and ensure minimal disruption to your business. Our expertise spans insect infestations, rodent issues, and bird problems.

Plagued by These Pests? Contact Us Today

Safeguard has expertise in effectively eliminating a wide variety of pests to provide the comprehensive protection your properties need. If any of the following pests are present on your property, get in touch now.

  • Rodents like rats and mice damage structures with their gnawing and chewing while leaving droppings that spread disease.
  • Cockroaches contaminate food sources and can even short electrical systems.
  • Bed bugs irritate tenants as they feed on blood while infesting furniture and bedding.
  • Flies and mosquitos easily gain access to buildings, creating swarms that disturb occupants.
  • Ant trails through kitchens disgust renters and undermine hygiene.
  • Stinging insects like wasps and bees frighten tenants when nesting on properties.
  • Birds like pigeons leave copious droppings that ruin facades and can carry over 60 diseases.
  • Silverfish and fabric pests like moths and carpet beetles gradually damage belongings and textiles.
  • Squirrels and rodents in attics or walls cause noise issues and structural damage.
  • Termites feast on wood, compromising foundations and supports, and can bore into doors, floors, and framing.

Tailored Pest Control to Suit Your Needs

Safeguard offers a wide range of pest control services tailored to meet the needs of your property:

  • Pest Prevention Contracts: We provide ongoing contracts for routine pest control maintenance and prevention at your properties. This allows you to budget effectively rather than paying unpredictable costs to treat infestations.

  • Scheduled Maintenance Visits: Our technicians will visit your properties on a regular schedule for inspections, monitoring, and preventative pest control services to stay ahead of any issues.

  • Emergency Pest Removal: When urgent pest issues emerge, our 24/7 rapid response team is ready to take immediate action and resolve infestations.

  • Tenant and Owner Satisfaction: We ensure both tenants and owners are satisfied through our discreet and effective pest control. This protects your reputation.

  • Property Inspections and Risk Assessments: Our experts thoroughly inspect your properties and identify any risks, entry points, or conducive conditions for pests so they can be addressed.

  • Staff Training and Education Programs: We provide training to your staff on pest prevention best practices to maximise effectiveness.

  • Discreet Treatments During Off-Hours: Our technicians can schedule services early mornings or evenings to avoid disruptions.

Don’t Let Pests Become a Nightmare: Contact Us Today

Pests pose a major threat to your properties and business, but Safeguard Pest Control is here to help. Our comprehensive services prioritise compliance, reputation, sustainability, and most importantly, human health and safety.

Contact Safeguard Pest Control today to schedule your free inspection from our friendly local experts. Get customised advice and solutions to tackle any pest issue quickly and effectively. Call 0330 191 0003 now or contact us through our online form.