Expert Pest Control for London Bars & Restaurants

When running a bar or restaurant in London, contamination risks and pests can quickly tarnish your reputation: a cockroach spotted in the kitchen, rats nibbling food in the alley, flies hovering over tables. These nightmare scenarios result in complaints, violations, and even shutdowns.

For over 30 years, Safeguard Pest Control has worked with London’s top eateries and bars to prevent these problems. Our customised commercial pest control services combine proactive prevention and maintenance with rapid response capabilities. We’re your team behind the scenes, discreetly keeping pests away while you focus on running your business.

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Resolve Pest Control Challenges

With Safeguard’s expert services, restaurants can be confident that they’re protected on all fronts when it comes to pest control. We can help you in tackling the following pest-related issues:

Passing surprise inspection

We ensure your facilities are inspection-ready at all times through ongoing maintenance. Our technicians are knowledgeable about current codes and proactively address any issues.

Meeting municipal health codes

Our services keep your restaurant compliant with health regulations. We stay up-to-date on all municipal pest control rules and guidelines.

Preventing reputation damage

By stopping issues before they start, we safeguard your brand’s reputation. Discreet solutions mean patrons never spot pests.

Avoiding loss of business

With effective prevention and rapid response, we keep pests away before they have the chance to disrupt diners. Customers won’t have reason to complain.

Stopping food contamination

We implement rigorous measures to prevent pests from contaminating food supplies and spreading illness.

Maintaining pleasant ambience

Our unobtrusive services work behind the scenes so guests only notice the pleasant pest-free atmosphere you strive to provide.

Why You Can’t Ignore Your Pest Problem

Pest problems in bars and restaurants will only worsen if left unaddressed, and allowing issues to spiral out of control leads to severe consequences. Initial sightings could soon become full-blown infestations that disrupt operations and endanger public health.

Contamination can also cause serious illness among staff and patrons. Hefty lawsuits could follow publicised cases. Facilities also face harsh penalties, citations and closure orders from local health agencies if violations are discovered during inspections. Fines often reach thousands of pounds.

Permanent reputational damage occurs if pests or droppings are spotted by customers, who share experiences on social media and review sites. Revenue drops as diners stay away. Expensive deep-cleaning and facility repairs are needed if pests damage interior structures while nesting and burrowing. Loss of inventory follows from discarded contaminated food and supplies that pests have infiltrated.

Our Straightforward 3-Step Process Solves Pest Problems Quickly

When you contact us about a pest problem, Safeguard initiates a simple three-step process to tackle the issue efficiently:

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In-Depth Inspection

The first step is a thorough examination of your facilities. Our technicians search for signs of current or potential infestations and identify conditions that allow pest access. This allows us to gauge the extent of the issue and necessary solutions.


Custom Plan

Next, we propose a tailored pest control plan specific to your needs. This outlines our recommendations for services, products, schedules and costs. We want you fully informed before proceeding.


Treat & PRevent

Once approved, we implement solutions expertly and discreetly. Our technicians utilise products ideal for hospitality environments to eliminate pests and prevent recurrence. We’ll provide documentation to validate completion.

Common Bar & Restaurant Pests We Tackle

Restaurants and bars face a diverse range of potential pests that require specialised services to remove. We have the capabilities to handle each of these pest issues and more:


A major health code violator if spotted in kitchens, cockroach infestations spread germs rapidly through food contamination and can force temporary closure. Just one sighting of a cockroach is enough to devastate a business’s reputation.

Rats and mice

Rodents are a major concern due to both contamination risks and reputation damage if spotted on-premises. They spread bacteria and illnesses like salmonella through their droppings, nibble on food supplies and cause structural damage to your premises with their nesting activities.


Even a few ants crawling on counters or getting into pantries can end up in guests’ food. Ants spotted in dining areas will elicit hygiene concerts, as they’re drawn to food crumbs and spills.


Flies can quickly become a nuisance, and when circling in dining areas will annoy customers and make your restaurant or bar seem unclean. Flies landing in food or drink can cause guests to get sick.

Stored product insects (SPIs)

Moths, beetles, and weevils infest dry kitchen food, causing contamination with larvae, droppings, and webbing. This results in costly disposal and replacement, with some species emitting foul pheromones.

We’re Hospitality Experts

Safeguard’s pest control technicians are extensively trained to provide effective services tailored to every area of your hospitality facility:

  • Kitchens: We implement solutions to keep prep and cooking zones pest-free, maintaining food safety standards.

  • Dining Areas: Our treatments ensure pests won’t disrupt patrons in tables, lounges or outdoor seating.

  • Food Stations: We’ll make sure there are no ants or flies around your buffet, salad bar or beverage station with our proactive measures.

  • Food Processing: We prevent stored product insects and rodents from infiltrating processing rooms.

  • Supply Chain: Our solutions secure your supplier deliveries and storage from contamination risks.

  • Refuse Areas: Safeguard controls populations around dumpsters and waste disposal.

  • Bedrooms: Any pest in lodging undermines reputation. We stop infestations through diligent inspections.

  • Sports Facilities: Our expertise extends to your pool, courts, gym and other active zones.

Trusted Certifications for Effective Pest Control

Safeguard holds numerous industry certifications that demonstrate our technicians’ extensive training and compliance with strict quality standards for effective, ethical pest control:

British Pest Control Association (BPCA) Member
Belonging to this leading UK trade association shows we adhere to their Codes of Best Practice.

Food Safety Standards
 Our technicians are certified in pest control solutions appropriate for food service environments.

CHAS Accredited
This demonstrates we meet requirements for health & safety management.

Constructionline Certified
We exceed standards for financial probity and technical capabilities in construction-related services.

ISO 9001
Our quality management system is certified under this esteemed international standard.

Investors in People
This certification validates our commitment to high performance through people management best practices.

We’ll Keep You Health Code Compliant

Don’t leave your restaurant’s reputation and compliance to chance. Contact our friendly team today for a customised quote. We’ll inspect your facilities and provide transparent recommendations on the discrete, effective pest control services you need to thrive.

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