Quick & Discreet Rat Control for London Restaurants

Finding rats in your restaurant can quickly turn your reputation to ruins. Just one rodent sighting can trigger health code violations, customer complaints, and permanently tarnish your brand.

As pest control experts serving the hospitality sector for over 35 years, Safeguard understands the unique needs of restaurants and bars. We provide discreet, effective rat control to eliminate infestations and proactively keep rats away for good.

Rats Can Shut Your Restaurant Down

Rats in your restaurant jeopardise your reputation and the well-being of your business. Just one rat sighting can trigger health code violations and inspection failure. Rats also carry dangerous pathogens that can contaminate surfaces and spread to dining areas.

If customers spot evidence of rats, they will likely share the negative experience online and with friends, causing your popularity and sales to plummet rapidly. Beyond reputation risks, rats also inflict immense structural damage by gnawing and nesting. Their strong teeth allow them to chew through walls, wires, and critical infrastructure, requiring expensive repairs.

Eliminate Risk With Certified Rat Control Experts

With over 35 years of experience serving the hospitality industry, Safeguard Pest Control has the expertise to discreetly handle your restaurant’s rat problem:

  • BPCA-certified technicians trained specifically for hospitality rat control
  • Proactive prevention protocols to detect issues early
  • Rapid response team for immediate elimination when spotted
  • Modern, effective rat removal methods and treatments
  • Discreet services during off hours to avoid disturbing patrons
  • Flexible scheduling for minimal disruption to your operations
  • Detailed reporting for health code compliance needs
  • Cost-effective solutions tailored to your restaurant’s needs
  • Ongoing maintenance to prevent re-infestation
  • Respectful technicians who understand the restaurant environment
  • Tenacious commitment to fully eliminating your rat problem

Safeguard Pest Control combines certified training, tailored solutions, and decades of experience helping restaurants control rats. Our effective treatments and prevention maintenance will help you maintain a pristine, pest-free environment.

Our Streamlined Rat Control Process

Safeguard Pest Control follows a strategic 4-step process to eliminate rats and prevent future infestations at your restaurant:
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Thorough Inspection and Analysis

A BPCA-certified technician will inspect all interior and exterior areas of your restaurant to identify vulnerabilities rats can exploit as entry points or harborage. We determine high-risk areas like storage rooms, garbage collection sites, and potential nesting spots. Our expert identifies where rats are currently active or likely to become active if not addressed.


Precision Rat Proofing

We seal up any openings and gaps identified during inspection that could allow rats to enter your restaurant. Doors, windows, pipes, vents, holes in walls, and other vulnerabilities are precisely sealed and proofed. External areas are proofed to prevent rats from approaching your building.


Advanced Treatments and Removal

Our technician strategically places tamper-proof bait stations and non-toxic treatments at identified rat activity areas inside and outside your restaurant. We lure rats away from your facility and eliminate them humanely but effectively. All signs of rats and any discovered nests are safely removed and disposed of.


Prevention Maintenance

Your restaurant receives regular monitoring and maintenance visits based on your risk level to ensure rats stay eliminated. We fine-tune proofing, traps, and treatments to adapt to any changes. At the first sign of potential new activity, our rapid response team is dispatched for immediate control.

Signs of Rats in Your Restaurant

Catching evidence early is key to effective restaurant rat control. Don’t dismiss minor signs or assume it’s a one-time issue.

If you suspect rats may have infested your restaurant, look for these common signs of activity:


Clumped, rice-sized dark droppings are the most obvious indicator. Check secluded areas like storage rooms.

Gnaw marks

Rats leave teeth marks by chewing on wood, drywall, wiring, trash cans, etc. Look along walls and in closets.

Rub marks

Rats leave greasy rub marks from brushing along frequently travelled routes. Inspect walls near floor level.


External holes or excavated dirt areas may indicate underground burrow nesting areas near your building.


Footprints in dust may reveal paths rats use to move around your restaurant.

Strange sounds

Listen for scurrying in walls, squeaks, or rustling at night when rats are most active.

Damaged food packages

Watch for ripped bags, boxes, or food containers accessed by rats. Inspect deliveries carefully.

Rats spotted

Seeing live rats is a clear infestation sign. Note where in your facility they were visible.

Don’t Let Rats Ruin Your Reputation: Act Now

Don’t let a rat infestation sink your restaurant. With over three decades of experience discreetly solving pest issues for hospitality businesses, Safeguard Pest Control has the expertise to rapidly remove rats and prevent their return.

Contact us today by calling 0800 328 4931 or by filling in the form below for a customised quote. Our rapid response team is ready to inspect your restaurant and strategically eliminate any signs of rats.