Commercial Pest Control

Expert Pest Control for Businesses in Somerset

Renowned for its world-class cheese matured in the stunning Cheddar Gorge, apple orchards producing some of the finest cider in the world and the legendary Glastonbury festival, Somerset is a county of both new and old traditions that plays home to some half-a millionpeople and attracts many more day and overnight visitors each year.

How Hotel Housekeeping can Implement a Pest Control Plan

Reputation is everything in the hospitality industry. What guests have to say about their experiences while staying at your establishment can be the make or break of your business.

Why Pest Control Maintenance Is Crucial for Care Homes

All care homes need a robust and reliable pest control service. This is absolutely vital and it’s not because care homes are more attractive to pest species than any other type of building or establishment.

When Do Factories and Warehouses Need to Get a Pest Control Contract?

The short answer to the title of this post is, immediately – even if no signs of infestation have yet been identified. When it comes to commercial pest control, prevention is far better than cure – not least because an infestation of pests will often lead to a halt in operations.

How to Find Pests and Nests in Your Hotel and What to Do

The guest experience is everything for travellers. They want warmth, comfort, good food and cleanliness. Nothing less will suffice. Nor should it.

Hospitality is a competitive industry and in the…

Why Restaurants and Pubs Suffer from Pest Control Problems

When it comes to pest control, no restaurant, pub or other food service establishment can afford to be complacent. Infestations can be nothing short of disastrous for pub and restaurant owners. Pest species such as rats, mice and cockroaches are synonymous with filth and disease – for good reason.

Affordable Pest Control for Companies in Truro

As the only city in Cornwall, Truro is the county’s undisputed centre for jobs, retail, media, leisure, sport and entertainment.

What Torquay Businesses Can Do to Solve Their Pest Problems

As the only city in Cornwall, Truro is the county’s undisputed centre for jobs, retail, media, leisure, sport and entertainment.

Where Can Taunton Businesses Get Help with Pest Infestations?

Combining glorious natural surroundings with a thriving, newly-regenerated, pedestrian-friendly town centre, Taunton provides a great quality of life for those who live there, while the Bridgwater and Taunton canal, Museum of Somerset, 12th Century Taunton Castle and plethora of restaurants and retail locations offer plenty of reasons to visit.

Why SMEs in Bath Need a Pest Control Contract

Consistently ranked as one of the best cities to visit, work and live in the UK – and listed as the UK’s most family-friendly city – Bath is not only the jewel in the crown of Somerset, but a true national treasure.

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