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3000-Year-Old Safeguard Used for Bird Control

An innovative pest and bird control company is offering a 3000-year-old solution to remove and prevent pest birds from invading commercial premises.


Falconry, known to some as hawking, was developed in the ancient Persian Empire to safeguard…

What's inside your Bounty?

News reports have appeared recently regarding mouse droppings found in Bounty Bars being sold at WH Smith.  Pest control inspectors from Westminster City Council also reported finding live mice under pallets of drinks within WH Smith at Victoria Station. The…

Video: Hawking with Safeguard Pest Control

Merger Safeguards Jobs

A merger of two of the UK’s longest established pest control companies has created new job role opportunities for their staff. Arrowguard and Safeguard Pest Control, based in the South East, have brought together their sales and service teams…

Pest Control Merger Creates One of the Largest Independent UK Firms

A new merger between two established companies has created one of the largest independent firms in the UK to tackle all aspects of pest control. This specialist market provides essential protection services for offices, schools, hospitals, housing, commercial estates and…

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