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How bedbugs damage reputations and businesses

Bed bug pest control is no small matter for business owners in the hospitality industry. Hotel, hostel and B&B operators alike, are all at risk of huge damages to reputation, loss of revenue and costly room refurbishments if they don’t take bed bug pest control seriously

Minimising Risks of Pest-related Infections in Your Care Home

Care homes can present a particularly challenging environment when it comes to pest control. The presence of pests in establishments that provide residency and care for vulnerable people, often with pre-existing health problems, can have a serious impact on the lives of all who visit, work, or live there.

How waste disposal attracts unwanted pigeons

Much like rats, pigeons have become very well adapted to life in…

Breeding grounds for rats in the city

Pests in the City – Where Are the Hotspot Breeding Grounds for Rats in Major Cities?

Responding to Unwanted Pests on Your Business Premises

A pest sighting at an office building can cause real problems, and, if anyone spots one, professional pest control action will need to be taken immediately.

Sparrow warning for food prep sites

The house sparrow is a common pest bird in the UK and an infestation can be difficult to deal with. This means that it is essential for businesses to take preventative measures before a flock sets up home. Employing the services of a professional pest control company is the very best way to ensure your buildings are adequately protected.

Three signs of Carpet Beetles

They may be small, but carpet beetles are extremely persistent and voracious pests, and an office infestation will require the assistance of a professional pest control company as they are notoriously difficult to get rid of.

The Cleaning Manager’s Role in a Pest Free Retail Food Experience

Retail businesses face constant threats from pests from multiple sources, putting cleaning managers right at the forefront of not only pest control, but a store’s reputation.

Ultimately, it…

Key areas of focus to achieve a 5-star food hygiene rating

Good food hygiene practices – including protection against contamination and pest control – are essential in retail food and beverage sites. Food safety issues can seriously damage a business’ reputation and it is…

The Top Five Reasons Your Retail Site is Attracting Mice

An infestation of mice can cause serious pest control issues for any retail business. Therefore, it’s important…

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