Pest Control Measures for the Hospitality Industry

Pest control is more critical in the hospitality industry than in most others. What measures do you need to take to ensure your hospitality business remains pest free?

The hospitality industry is highly competitive with many different options available for consumers to choose from. This means a reputation can take years to build up and is a very valuable thing once it’s earned. However, with out of control pest infestations having a potentially catastrophic effect on any business which offers food and/or accommodation-based services, it can only take a momentary lapse in conscientiousness to destroy that hard-won reputation.

When people pay a company to provide them with hospitality services – whether that is food, drink, a bed for the night or some combination of the three – they expect a fun, pleasant and relaxing time. What they do not expect is one of the many issues which can come with failed pest control.


Destruction of Property

Pests cause untold damage to business premises. They can gnaw through product packaging, personal items, electrical wiring, walls and clothing as they gain access to premises or rooms, and build their nests. Bird droppings are acidic and can cause damage to paintwork, stone, wood, vehicles and clothing, as well as being unsightly.

Spread of Disease

Most pest animals carry diseases on their bodies, in their bodily fluids, or via their droppings. Diseases can include fungal, bacterial and viral infections, and can vary in seriousness from relatively benign coughs and colds, to fatal conditions such as influenza or salmonella. An outbreak can lead to lost revenue due to staff absence, loss of reputation and custom, litigation, or closure by Environmental Health.

Droppings – particularly from birds – can also provide a significant slipping hazard, opening the door for physical injury and further litigation.

Unsightly Creatures

Nobody wants to settle down for a relaxing meal or weekend away and be greeted by something scuttling around the table or room. Whether it’s rodents or insects, the mere sight of pest animals can be enough to ruin an otherwise pleasant time. Once these animals have been spotted you can expect customers to pack their bags – both figuratively and literally – and leave.

Separate from any potential health or damage considerations, simply spotting an animal in a hospitality setting can send people to sites such as TripAdvisor, to make their experience public.

What pest control steps can you take then, to ensure your hospitality business doesn’t suffer any of these potentially devastating consequences?

Having a Robust Policy in Place

The best way you can ensure that effective pest control is maintained throughout your hospitality business is by making sure your staff are fully informed on the correct procedures. Staff should be trained on what pests pose a threat to the business and the ways in which they can cause harm. They should be trained on all the signs to look out for and where these signs are most likely to be found.

It’s not enough to simply instruct staff to be vigilant, but to have regular pest control patrols where staff routinely check for pest control issues. These patrols should form a mandated part of the weekly routine, and should not be made the responsibility of a single person if possible. Having fresh eyes looking at the same areas will increase the chances of spotting the signs of a pest control problem.

Remember, the key to effective pest control in any industry is to spot the signs early and act accordingly. The policy needs to also mandate the reporting procedures once a potential issue has been identified. Having the contact details of your contracted pest control professionals easily accessible, will make it simpler for problems to be effectively reported and dealt with in a timely fashion.

Gain Professional Services

Pest control is a detailed and skilled process. You can attempt to deal with the problem yourself, but your issue will be dealt with in a far more effective manner if you employ the service of an experienced and professional pest control company on a contractual basis.

With a single pest control company on your books, you won’t have to waste time searching for a reputable agency, or haggling over price. Once you have found a great pest control provider, you can have them on call whenever they are needed.

Safeguard Pest Control has over 30 years of experience in commercial pest control. Whether your hospitality business deals with food, drink, accommodation, or all three, Safeguard can provide regular and effective pest control solutions for you.

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