Get Rid of Feral Pigeons

The pigeon is a common bird across the UK and frequently spotted in gardens, around our city streets and unfortunately, on buildings. The birds are relatively unafraid of people, which means over time, they have become accustomed to using office blocks, commercial sites, houses and any other building as a place to land and nest.

Offices and commercial premises such as shopping centres, factories or train stations are ideal for pigeons as they provide high, flat spaces for them to live safely. They are regularly found on window ledges, balconies, roofs and even external air conditioning units. The birds, although popular with many, are considered pests and should be dealt with professionally if they have become a nuisance to you or your customers.

Safeguard has experience working with clients such as Westfield Shopping Centre as well as both Kings Cross and St Pancras International train stations. Our Specialist Cleaning team is expert in the removal, cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation of areas that have been affected by bird contamination.

Feral pigeons are notoriously loyal to their nesting sites. They have a natural, built-in homing instinct that means they will often spend their lives in one place or area and continue to return there. Nests usually consist of strong twigs, but it’s important to highlight that simply removing or destroying a pigeon’s nest won’t necessarily solve the problem. The pests are resilient, they will breed and lay eggs on many different surfaces three or four times a year. This is just one of the reasons it’s important to get rid of feral pigeons as soon as possible.

It’s estimated that damage worth millions of pounds is caused by unwanted pest pigeons each year and the droppings are unhygienic for patrons, employees or visitors.

In addition, feathers, twigs and other debris from roosting can cause blockages in your pipes or guttering, so it’s important that you deal with feral pigeons quickly when you spot them nesting or put measures in place to deter them.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected. Due to this law, it is important that you use a professional pest control company like Safeguard to ensure pigeons are removed or prevented from nesting, rather than attempting to do it yourself. We use a number of different methods to tackle the problem of pigeons (and other birds). These include the safe removal of nests, falconry and a range of preventative measures including pigeon netting, which is versatile, comes in a range of different gauges and can be fitted to your exact specification. It is an effective way of discouraging problem pigeons from choosing your property or commercial building as their new home.


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