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At Safeguard, we have a great deal of experience with pest control in both food-related and non food-related retail shops or outlets. We understand that no matter what you sell in your store, pests can cause severe damage to stock you have paid for and to your reputation. They can also cause distress to employees or customers.

Places where food, clothes, boxes and many other items are stored can provide a haven for pests to hide. Anything from rodents like mice and rats, to flies, fleas, cockroaches and moths can all find a home in your stock rooms or customer areas and they need to be dealt with fast.

We have more than 30 years’ of experience in pest control within the retail and commercial space sectors. Our qualified and highly trained technicians know how to handle pest infestations that can be damaging to your business, as well as how to prevent problems arising in the first place.

In the UK there are strict regulations around the management of pests in retail or commercial premises where food is prepared or served. If you need advice and round-the-clock protection from vermin, rodents and birds, Safeguard can help. We work on a contract basis with many retail businesses to help ensure their shop, stock, staff members and customers are not affected by any unwanted visitors.

You may run a smaller premise and do not require a complex service from Safeguard. If that’s the case, we can tailor your contract with routine checks, dealing with any issues you have with pests, when you need us.

We work with a number of high-profile retailers and companies, who trust Safeguard to help protect their customers, staff members and reputations. From shopping centres and cinemas to banks and clothing stores, we are highly skilled at managing pests in a retail environment. Our customer list of popular and busy high street retail stores is a testament to the confidence other businesses have in the Safeguard service.

With every shop offering a different opportunity for pests, Safeguard has the experts you need to continually look for ways to prevent problems. If you have more than one site, a contract with Safeguard can be tailored to your business, covering all of your premises, providing significant cost savings.

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  • What is the best way that you can prevent a pest infestation?

    Ensure that your premises is kept clean, tidy and free of spillage. Instruct a professional pest control company to help keep your site pest free.

  • What pest control for Retail?

    Pest control for retail can vary, depending on the needs of the specific outlet. We offer services ranging from moth treatment to routine rodent control visits.

  • How can I get pest control services for Retail shops?

    Please call our office to arrange a free of charge site survey and we can assess the needs of your site

  • How often should we do pest control / CRRU?

    We work with our customers to provide the most effective pest solutions and in compliance with their needs. We work in accordance with the British Pest Control Association and CRRU best practices.

  • Is Safeguard a member of the British Pest Control Association?

    Yes, we have been members of the BPCA for over 25 years and hold a full servicing membership

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