Pest Control in Berkshire

Mice, rats and other pests can cause costly and distressing damage to homes and businesses in Berkshire. You may also have infestations of bed bugs, cockroaches or fleas, all of which need to be dealt with quickly.

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The main problem with rodents and pests like mice and rats is that where there is one, there will potentially be many more. Mice breed every three months and can have up to a dozen offspring. Then, those babies can reproduce by the age of two months, which means a small pest problem can quickly get out of hand.

Noise (often at night while you’re trying to sleep), damage and the risk of fire when rodents chew through cables are just some of the hazards you face when pests invade your space. These can all be costly to resolve, as well as causing real distress.

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Residential Pest Control in Berkshire

In rural areas like Berkshire, pests are often common. Mice, rats, squirrels and other vermin can find their way through tiny holes and cracks in your property or premises in search of food and warmth. Of course, there are preventative measures you can take, such as reducing the ways that vermin can get inside or keeping food and waste carefully sealed. But once they have made a home in your home, you will probably need the services of a professional pest control company to get them out and keep them out, and keep them out!

Did you know that mice don’t always hide in the loft space of your home? They can squeeze into gaps as small as a penny, jump and climb. In fact, there’s no kitchen they can’t find their way around and they will use anything, such as shredded cardboard from a cereal box, to create a home or nest.

One of the biggest concerns, however, is the potential damage to health. Mice and rats carry diseases that are airborne and transmitted easily to humans. These include Hantavirus and Salmonella. If they have invaded your home, this is both unpleasant and dangerous. In addition, if they have moved into your business premises, this can cause devastating effects to your livelihood and reputation.

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