Pest Control in Hampshire

Unwanted pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, fleas and wasps are a common problem in Hampshire. They can cause expensive damage to your business and home as well as causing plenty of noise and distress.

While lofts, garages and basements are popular places for rodents and vermin, did you know that they are equally at home in offices, kitchens, bedrooms and other commonly used spaces? Mice in particular, will use many different materials to create a warm, safe nests in which to live and breed.

Once pests have found a way in, it’s a problem that is unlikely to go away without professional assistance or pest control. Mice breed approximately every three months, giving birth to around a dozen offspring each time. Those babies will then reproduce after just two months, which gives you an idea of how quickly a small infestation can become a major problem. As with most unwanted pests, the sooner you contact Safeguard to remove them, the better. We will not only deal with the matter quickly, but also offer advice on preventative methods.

Commercial Pest Control in Hampshire

Whatever type of company you run or work for, pests can invade your premises easily. This can be damaging to your reputation and in some cases, could lead to expensive legal action or even closure. At Safeguard, we work for an exceptionally wide variety of organisations in Hampshire, helping them prevent and resolve pest problems, remain a safe and hygienic site and stay open for business.

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Residential Pest Control in Hampshire

With plenty of guesthouses, hotels and holiday cottages across Hampshire, bed bugs are also a common complaint. These can be carried from place to place by people or guests unknowingly on their clothing or luggage and they spread quickly. Most over-the-counter treatments are costly, but ineffective, at treating bedbugs. In order to ensure the problem is resolved, it’s important to contact a reputable, professional firm such as Safeguard to handle the infestation properly and safely.

In the summer months, particularly in rural areas with plenty of countryside and wildlife such as Hampshire, wasps’ nests are particularly common. These can be dangerous for people, especially anyone who may be allergic to the sting. Never attempt to remove a nest yourself, as an attack by a swarm of wasps can be deadly.

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For both businesses and private homes, rodents, vermin and other pests can find their way in through the smallest of spaces. That means preventing the occurrence of pests is often a challenge. However, if you act swiftly as soon as you notice the problem and call Safeguard to help manage the issue, you can be sure pests will be dealt with properly and professionally, and most importantly, deterred from coming back.

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