Flies are a serious nuisance and pose a threat to humans, pets and livestock. They are able to transmit diseases through their foul feeding and breeding habits. They will walk over food sources and rotting matter indiscriminately, picking up and spreading bacteria. Practically all species of flies feed by vomiting saliva on to the food surface, treading it in and sucking up the resulting liquid. In the course of doing so, the fly contaminates the food with bacteria from its gut and its feet. Thus, it can transmit more than 100 different pathogens, which can result in food poisoning, dysentery, typhoid or cholera.

Flies are found in every part of the world except the polar ice caps

There are over 120,000 different species of flies found worldwide. When a small fly problem is left, it can turn into a serious infestation very quickly with some species able to mature from egg to adult in as little as 7 days. Flies are most active from late spring until early autumn with females laying eggs which will generally hatch in under 24 hours.

Life expectancy for flies range from 8 days to 2 months and up to a year in some cases. They can be found in every part of the world except the polar ice caps. Control of flies, species dependant, can be gained with the use of electric fly control units, pheromone lures or residual insecticide treatments, all of which can be an effective treatment course.

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  • Can pest control get rid of flies?

    Yes, but it depends on the type of fly. Contact a professional pest control company.

  • How do I get rid of a fly infestation in my house?

    Regularly removing food waste and rubbish will help remove potential breeding sites. Household areosol insecticidal sprays will help with minor fly issues.

  • Why are there suddenly so many flies in my house?

    This could be seasonal, more flies are evident in the summer months, or an indication of an infestation.

  • How long does a fly infestation last?

    Fly infestations can be controlled quickly if the cause of the problem is removed. This could be things like decaying organic matter, faeces or areas of standing or stagnant water.

  • What attracts flies in your house?

    Poor housekeeping and food waste being left in open spaces could attract flies to your property

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