Pest Control in Oxfordshire

The county of Oxfordshire draws in millions of visitors each year. From world-class educational institutions, to famous tourist attractions, and unique retail shopping villages and outlets, Oxfordshire relies heavily on its visitors to build a thriving economy.


Given the number of visitors, an infestation of pests to a local business, or at one of the well-known tourist sites or educational institutions, could be catastrophic for the county and its reputation.

With the economy of Oxfordshire reliant on visitors coming into the county for overnight stays, it stands to reason that bed bugs might be a common issue for businesses, university accommodation and hotels alike. Even though bed bugs are associated with overcrowded and unhygienic conditions, they can be transported to any premises. Most infestations are found in the bedroom where they hide close to where their host sleeps. Bed frames, mattresses, skirting boards, bedside furniture, and even wallpaper can all house these pests.

Other common pests found in and around Oxfordshire include rats, mice and silverfish.

As a business in Oxfordshire, you want to preserve your county’s good name and reputation, and therefore need to be prepared for all eventualities when it comes to pest control.  With over 30 years’ experience, Safeguard Pest Control provides unrivaled experience and expertise in both pest and bird control, enabling Oxfordshire to maintain both its reputation and its pride.

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Residential Pest Control in Oxfordshire

Silverfish (a wingless insect), are found in fairly moist or damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements. They can also be found in books and paper and behind skirting boards. The nocturnal silverfish feeds mainly on small food particles and the paste on the back of wallpaper that has become detached. The silverfish is also partial to the glue of bookbindings, dead insects and textiles, such as cotton and linen. An infestation of silverfish can affect the enjoyment of guests and visitors to Oxfordshire, which in turn, can significantly damage the reputation of the county.

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