Pest Control in Worcestershire

Pest control is a common problem for both private and commercial premises in Worcestershire. If you spot warning signs of rodents, insects or birds, phone professional pest control services to resolve the issue quickly.


Commercial premises of all kinds make tempting homes for rodents, insects and birds due to their warmth and shelter.

These pests can create disastrous consequences for your business in the form of poor employee health, physical damage to property and loss of revenue. For some businesses, like those in the hospitality and food service sectors, just one sighting of a pest around the premises can drive customers away for a long time.

That’s why you should look for signs like droppings and nesting material and phone pest control services immediately if you notice them. Safeguard Pest Control handles all call outs sensitively and discreetly, offering fast, effective pest control delivered by experienced professionals. We’ll also advise on how to prevent future issues as part of the service.

In cases where prevention is difficult, such as in the case of insects entering unnoticed in clothing or luggage, we recommend simply being observant and picking up the phone as soon as you encounter a problem.

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Residential Pest Control in Worcestershire

Worcestershire’s private homes also attract an array of rodents, birds and insects looking for shelter.

Once in your home, pests like rodents threaten the health of your family via diseases transmitted in urine or droppings and can cause physical damage to the property too. As rodents in particular breed quickly (mice have litters of 12 once every three months and their young are ready to breed after two months), it’s important to get in touch with pest control services as soon as you realise you have an infestation.

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