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Everyone knows how important a first impression is. This is never more true than when your business’s reputation is at stake.  Safeguard’s specialist cleaning team ensure that your reputation is preserved through our range of services tailored to your exact needs. With over 30 years’ experience of specialist cleaning within the pest control industry, we can remove any hazardous situation resulting from your pest or environmental issue.

Specialist cleaning, such as pigeon fouling removal, should only ever be carried out by trained professionals using the correct equipment. Our technicians are trained and certified to the highest levels always considering health and safety; you can rest assured that you are in expert hands.

Safeguard is also accredited by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), who are a member of the British Cleaning Council (BCC), the voice of the UK cleaning industry, dedicated to promoting and encouraging improvements in health, hygiene and general cleaning standards.

Specialist Cleaning Services

Cleaning after pest birds have contaminated an area

Bird fouling can be as big a concern as the pest birds themselves.  Seagull, pigeon and starling fouling is not only unsightly, but can damage buildings as well as being a potential risk to your health.

Our bird control teams are fully trained in the removal, cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation of areas that have been affected by pest bird contamination.

Cleaning of bin stores after a rodent infestation

Rodents carry bacteria, viruses and other diseases which can be transmitted to humans through direct contact, breathing in dust contaminated with rodent urine or droppings, or ingesting contaminated products.

You never know when you may come into contact with rodents, whether directly or indirectly.  More often than we know, rodents frequent commercial and residential bin stores.

Cleaning works after a sewage spill

Sewage spills can cause widespread disruption to businesses and the public alike. Moreover, they are a health hazard and comprise a variety of bacteria which can cause serious illness.

Our experienced technicians are experts in cleaning areas affected by sewage spills.  We clean the identified area hygienically and safely, ensuring it is completely disinfected.

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  • What is specialist cleaning services?

    Specialist cleaning services are those jobs which are larger scale and need methods of cleaning and disinfecting that can only be delivered by a commercial business.

  • Will Safeguard clean up after pest birds have contaminated an area?

    Yes, our specialist teams will clean up bird fouling. Our sales team will be able to provide a free survey and quote for this

  • Will Safeguard clean up after a rodent infestation?

    Yes, our specialist teams will clean up after rodent infestation. Our sales team will be able to provide a free survey and quote for this

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Specialist cleaning in your home

Pests in and around your home can be extremely distressing. Whether you are infested by rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches or moths, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Our residential pest control team are here to help. Reassuring, calm and friendly, our experts will provide the solution for you so you don’t have to worry.

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