Carpet Beetles

The Carpet Beetle has outstripped the clothes moths as the major British textile pest. Carpet Beetle damage consists of fairly well defined round holes along the seams of fabric where the grubs will bite through the thread.

The larvae do the damage

As the grubs grow, they moult and the old cast off skins are the first signs of an infestation. The adult Carpet Beetle feeds only on pollen and nectar of garden flowers but lays its eggs in old birds’ nests, felt, fabric or accumulated fluff in buildings. It is the larvae from these eggs that do the damage. They feed on feathers, fur hair or wool and have been known to wander along pipes from birds’ nests into roofs and then into airing cupboards, which house the clothes and blankets which constitute a great food source. Unlike many other species of beetle, the adult Carpet Beetle is also a good at flying.

The full lifecycle for a Carpet Beetle takes about a year and the grubs can survive starvation in hard times for several months.

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  • How do pest control get rid of carpet beetles?

    Insecticide treatments alongside finding the source of the insect problem and offering good advice to clients

  • What is the fastest way to get rid of carpet beetles?

    Good housekeeping combined with a suitable treatment provided by a professional pest control company

  • How do you find the source of carpet beetles?

    It takes a bit of looking but usually the source is going to be something that is made up of natural fibres such as wool or fur. Carpets, clothing and soft furnishings are a good place to start.

  • What does a carpet beetle infestation look like?

    Most common signs are damage to fabric, this could be carpets, soft furnishings or clothing, shed skins and faeces pellets from the insects themselves and live (or dead) carpet beetle.

  • What should I do if I find a carpet beetle?

    If you are concerned and find damage caused by the beetle then call a professional pest control company

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