Pest Control in Surrey

In Surrey, just like many counties, pests are a common problem. Ensuring these pests are controlled and removed is a challenge, but one that can be dealt with effectively, with the right experience.

Commercial Pest Control in Surrey

Rats, mice, squirrels, birds and other pests, seeking warmth and shelter, can easily find their way into commercial properties and homes across the county. The key to managing this problem is to spot the signs early and call in the professionals.

For commercial properties, just the sight of a rodent or pest in a restaurant, bar, café, hotel or shop can be devastating to the reputation of a business. By using the services of a professional pest control company like Safeguard, you can be assured that any pest problem will be dealt with quickly and discretely. Most importantly, we can also provide advice on how to deter pests from returning, protecting both your business and livelihood.

It can be nearly impossible to completely secure your business property from an invasion of insects. Bed bugs and fleas, for example, can easily be carried in from outside, on clothing or in luggage. The best advice is that if you spot a problem, call Safeguard, and we will ensure it is dealt with quickly and professionally.

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Residential Pest Control in Surrey

In Surrey, there is plenty of land and many wide-open spaces where animals (including pests) love to live. However, in both rural and urban areas, rodents, insects and other pests constantly look for a safe place to nest and breed.

Did you know that mice breed every three months and have approximately 12 offspring each time? In addition, mice can reproduce once they reach just two months old. This is why it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of pests, so that the problem can be dealt with as soon as possible. Those signs include noise, nesting material and droppings.

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It can be traumatic having pests in your place of business or home.  Although most pests are small and might seem harmless, they are hazardous to people’s health. Mice and rats carry viruses in their droppings and urine which can be transmitted to humans. Rodents can also be destructive, chewing through wires and cables, so as soon as you become aware of an infestation, give Safeguard a call.

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