Pest Control in Greater London

At Safeguard, we have extensive experience removing unwanted pests in your business and your home in London. We can provide the help you need to remove rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs and more – and we do it fast, which makes it easier to resolve the issue. With many infestations, spotting them early, before pests have had the chance to reproduce, is key to ensuring an effective removal.

In densely populated areas like London, there are countless places for vermin and pests to nest and breed. Given the number of business premises and residential properties in London, pests have an endless choice of where to take residence. They can cause costly damage to a commercial or residential property by chewing through materials and wires, and they can be disruptive, noisy and even frightening.

Commercial Pest Control in Greater London

As there are so many commercial properties in London, it provides a welcoming home for rodents and pests. Food waste and large bins attract rats and mice, which feast on the rubbish we throw away. If you own a business, it’s important you take the correct precautions to prevent an infestation. Just the sight of a rodent can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and livelihood.

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Residential Pest Control in Greater London

It’s not only an inconvenience having pests invade your business or home, they also pose a risk to your health. Mice and rats for example, carry diseases and viruses that can be transmitted to humans. Their urine and droppings can be particularly hazardous and vacuuming only spreads the problem as the dangerous bacteria is often airborne. It’s therefore crucial that you contact Safeguard as soon as possible if you hear or notice any signs of pests. Noise or visual sightings of pests are usually the first sign that you need the help of a professional pest control company and the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can eradicate them from your business or home.

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Pest control in London is a challenge for hundreds of thousands of residents and business owners. The city is a haven for insects and rodents due to the amount of food waste and sheltered hiding places. Increasingly over the last few decades, pests have become a big issue in urban areas with rats, mice, pigeons and other vermin practically ‘co-habiting’ with people. However, the problem can still be managed and dealt with properly with the right professional service. At Safeguard, we have the experience to help you prevent a problem occurring, but we can also act quickly and discretely if you do discover any unwelcome guests.

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