The feral pigeon is a descendant of the rock dove and is well adapted to life in an urban environment.

Pigeons generally prefer to nest on ledges and window sills on buildings. They’re also commonly found amongst unprotected plant on commercial properties and in the lofts of residential houses.

Feral pigeons will scavenge for food in urban areas. They are often fed by members of the public, which encourages large numbers of these pests in town and city centres.

The noise and droppings created by these groups can be disruptive and hazardous. The faeces are actually corrosive, which means that they can cause damage to metal and stonework over extended periods of exposure. Pigeons can also cause additional damage by dislodging tiles and blocking guttering with refuse.

It’s important to note that pigeons, like many pest birds, are notorious for spreading diseases like histoplasmosis, so it’s vital that you never try to handle feral pigeons or their droppings without protection.


  • How do pest control get rid of pigeons?

    Feral pigeons can be displaced from a location through something as simple as removing a food source. Failing this, proofing of roosting and perching locations will support this process. Pigeon netting, anti-perch spikes, bird wire, optical gel and bird of prey flights are just a few of the options available. Contact Safeguard for professional advice and to assess your requirements.

  • What is the best deterrent for pigeons?

    There are a wide variety of deterrents for pigeons and the most effective treatment will depend on factors like location, building type and the severity of the issue. Our expert team will be able to advise you of the best solution for your needs.

  • Why do pigeons keep coming back to my house?

    Pigeons have a natural homing instinct which means that they will return to their nesting sites each day.

  • How do you control pigeon problems?

    There are various methods that can be used to prevent bird nuisance from netting to bird spikes and even hawk flights. Contact us for a survey so that we can assess your needs.

  • What keeps pigeons away from house?

    There are various methods that can be used to prevent bird nuisance from netting to bird spikes and even hawk flights. Contact us for a survey so that we can assess your needs.

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