Silverfish feed on carbohydrates and are known for their destructive habits. They will cause serious problems in large numbers as they damage plaster walls, books, paintings, photographs and household items that contain starch or cellulose.

The Silverfish is a nocturnal creature and moves extremely quickly, meaning that an infestation can go unnoticed for months.

Silverfish are teardrop shaped and can be identified by their tiny scales which are silver-blue in colour. Their wiggling motions are similar to a fish. They have two antennae and are wingless, with an adult measuring up to 20 mm in length.

Silverfish thrive in conditions with high humidity and will be found in dark, damp areas, but can survive in most environments. Reproduction is very regular as Silverfish lay their eggs daily, with some species able to lay up to 20 at a time. There is very little change in size as Silverfish grow from egg to adult however, the newly hatched are whiter in colour.


Silverfish like damp conditions, we do have some methods of treatment but best advice would be to ensure your drains are not blocked and you minimise damp in your property.

We can use approved insecticide but this will only work if used alongside controlling humidity and damp in the pests environment.

Frequent and multiple sightings of silverfish are likely to indicate that you have an issue with this pest.

Silverfish like damp conditions, we do have some methods of treatment but best advice would be to ensure your drains are not blocked and you minimise damp in your property.

It could mean that there is an area of damp somewhere in your property.

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How to get rid of silverfish in your business?

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