The Best Pest Control Methods for Getting rid of Wasps

Pest control experts say of the pests that come into our homes, workplaces and gardens, wasps should be one of the most feared.

This is with good reason – wasp stings hurt – furthermore if you’re allergic to the sting it can lead to anaphylactic shock and other medical conditions.

What are the best Pest Control methods of getting rid of wasps?

As with most pests, you can either go down the ‘call in the pest control professionals’ route or try and tackle the problem yourself, which may be difficult if you have a wasp’s nest.

Let’s start by looking at the ways you can try and tackle the problem yourself.

Wasp Nest x

External wasp problems:

  • Wasps will be attracted by food. This doesn’t have to be sweet food substances such as fruit, and they also like meat. Make sure your dustbin lid fits tightly to prevent the odours attracting wasps.
  • Keep all refuse in dustbins.
  • Clear away any fallen fruits, such as apples and pears.
  • Wasps are territorial insects, as such, you can deter them from making a nest in your garden or outdoor area by fooling them into thinking there’s already other wasps about. Simply scrunch up a brown paper bag and suspend it in a tree using garden twine.
  • Block off underground nests by placing a plastic container over the entry hole. Make sure you push the container well into the ground.
  • Try using soapy water via your hose to dowse down a hanging nest – make sure you stand well back and try and do this in the evening when the wasps as less lively. The washing-up liquid will form a film over the wasp’s wings, they fall to the ground and suffocate. The wasps that escape the dowsing will move off somewhere else.
  • Try not to wear yellow or floral prints – you may look pretty, but the wasps will think you’re something nice to eat and head straight for you!
  • Likewise, don’t wear perfume with a floral base, again the wasps will think you’re a sweet-smelling food source.

Internal wasp problems:

  • Keep all foods stored away to help prevent the wasps from being attracted to your home. Remember they also like meat, including dried pet food, so keep this out of the way too.
  • Window and door screens will help keep them outside.
  • If you like to have, your door open try an age on trick which seems to work. Hang a clear plastic bag half filled with water and a penny in the bottom, in the entrance. For some reason, wasps don’t like this and will think twice about flying past it.
  • Getting rid of wasps’ nests in lofts needs to be handled by professionals. Wasps can be very aggressive; specialist protective clothing and equipment will be required to ensure they don’t swarm and attack.

Getting rid of wasps doesn’t have to be difficult, however, as they can pack a punch with their sting it is worth seeking a pest control professional to help in tackling wasp nests.

If we can be of assistance, give us a call on 0800 328 4931 or make an enquiry to resolve your wasp nest issues.

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