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4 Clear Signs Your Business Needs to Call Bird Control

Bird control may not be the first thing someone thinks of when pest infestations are mentioned. However, they are just as capable – if not more so – of wreaking devastation…

Why Winter Has More Pest Control Requests for Mice and Rats

Businesses may think, now the summer has officially ended, with the nights drawing in and the weather turning colder, their pest control concerns are over for another year. However, while most insect…

How Birds of Prey are Used in Bird Control Projects

When people think of commercial pest infestations, it’s usually insects, mice and rats etc. which spring to mind rather than bird control issues. However, an infestation…

Identifying and Treating a Silverfish Infestation with Pest Control

Curious creatures they may be, but an infestation of silverfish can cause a serious pest control problem for commercial and residential properties alike.

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Commercial Pest Control: What do You Need to Look Out For?

When it comes to pest control – whether in commercial or residential properties – the key to successfully tackling an infestation is early intervention. If the issue is tackled promptly, before breeding cycles etc…

Preventative Bird Control for Pigeons

Pigeon (rock dove) infestations can pose a serious bird control problem for businesses. Their droppings can cause damage to vehicles, clothing and property – as well as requiring constant maintenance to clean up…

The 2 most common pest control questions for university students

It might not be at the forefront of your mind as you’re getting excited about moving out of home and beginning your studies, but pest control is as important for…

Beating the Swarm: Pest Control Tactics that Fight Flies

One of the most common insect infestations that can lead to domestic properties needing pest control, is caused by flies

Choosing the Right Pest Control for Ants

Ants seem to be a permanent fixture in all our lives when the warm weather rolls around. Whether it’s spotting a few wandering around your kitchen…

Which Type of Bird Control is Right for My Business?

Businesses of all sizes need to be aware of complications that can be caused by a lack of bird control. Whether a pest bird population is causing a health…

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