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What to Look for when Selecting a Pest Control Partner

The presence of pests in any commercial establishment is simply unacceptable. To ensure reputations and livelihoods remain intact every business owner needs to be taking proactive pest control measures – and this means…

How the Much-Loved Squirrel can become a Nuisance Pest

Such is their big-eyed cuteness, it’s hard for many to regard squirrels as the troublesome pests that they really can be. While they may appear soft, fluffy and harmless, the common grey squirrel is, nonetheless, a nuisance pest…

The Impact of Pests on the Agriculture Industry

Effective pest control for farms and agricultural premises is essential. Pest species are cause for major concern, not only due to the potential loss of revenue due to crop damage but, if…

Pest Breeding Habit Facts

Effective pest control is often a numbers game. Wild animals are incredibly successful breeders. As such, when it comes to pest species, what starts off as a small and unnoticeable infestation, can…

Benefits of having a pest control plan

Pests have no place in business premises and every business owner needs to be taking proactive pest control precautions to ensure their reputations and livelihoods stay intact.

Humane Pest Bird Control Methods to Protect Your Business

Professional pest bird control is essential for every business with a physical premises. While many species of birds are quite harmless, others – such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows, starlings, crows, rooks, jackdaws and magpies – can become a pest when their numbers increase.

Pest Control Legislation for the Hospitality Sector

Pest control is a major issue for businesses in any industry, though is arguably of particular concern for the hospitality sector, as it relies on maintaining a spotlessly clean reputation for good hygiene and a safe environment for both staff and customers. What’s more, there is rigorous legislation in place to enforce good health, hygiene and pest control, which hospitality businesses need to be aware of.

Can Your Business Survive a Pest Infestation?

Pest control is a serious matter for all commercial operations. Pest infestations can have a truly devastating impact on businesses in all industries, causing long-term harm to brand reputation, loss of revenue, legal implications and in severe cases, can even lead to closure.

Industries Most Impacted by Pests During a Heatwave

With temperatures soaring this year, many businesses are facing increased pest control problems, particularly from insects which thrive in warmer weather. A recent report from the BBC reveals that calls to the NHS helpline 111 about insect bites have nearly doubled this year, as conditions favour the proliferation of biting bugs.

Signs You Have Pests in Your Housing Association Property

Pest control issues in people’s homes can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. Compounding such issues is the fact that there is often some confusion over whose responsibility it is to…

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